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The fourth derivative calculator is a fantastic tool to find the fourth-order derivation of a particular. Put your Function in the calculator and see the magic.


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Introduction to the Fourth Derivative Calculator

4th derivative calculator is a potent online mathematical tool that is designed to calculate the fourth-order derivation of a particular function. This calculator helps to find the instantaneous rate of change, which increases or decreases according to its variables.

The fourth derivative calculator simplifies the process of finding higher-order derivatives, saving time and effort, especially for complex functions. It is a valuable tool for students, researchers, engineers, and professionals working with mathematical modeling and analysis.

fourth derivative calculator

The calculator applies the rules of differentiation, such as the power rule, product rule, quotient rule, and chain rule, successively four times to the input function to find its fourth derivative. Additionally, if you would like to calculate the third derivative of the given function, you can utilize our triple derivative calculator. our calculator is handy for students, teachers, and lecturers who need more time to solve high-order derivative problems for making assignments, reports, and research analyses.

What is the Fourth Derivative?

A fourth derivative is defined as the rate of change of a function or the slope of the tangent line at a particular point on a function during four times differentiation.

Fourth-order derivatives are used to calculate motion problems, sketch curves, and other scientific fields.

Fourth derivative represents the rate of change of the rate of change of the rate of change of the rate of change, providing further details about the behavior of the function. If you would like to find second-order differentiation of a given function, You can go through our 2nd derivative calculator. This calculator also helps to determine whether the slope of the tangent line is increasing or decreasing on the graph.

Notation Used by the 4th Derivative Calculator

A specific notation used by the fourth differentiation calculator is,

$$ f’’’’ (x) \;=\; \frac{d^4 y}{dx^4} $$

f````(x) is fourth-order differential function

d4/dx4 shows four times derivative with respect to x

Additionally, for more comprehensive differentiation calculations and solutions for various derivative orders, you can utilize our derivative online. Our derivative calculator offers a user-friendly interface for computing derivatives of various functions, providing step-by-step solutions and graphical representations for better understanding.

Working Procedure of Fourth Derivative Calculator

The fourth degree derivative calculator is used to calculate the rate of change of a function for the fourth-order derivative using differentiation rules. These derivation rules are installed in its software to compute the first, second, third, and fourth derivatives using analytical differentiation.

When you add your function to this fourth differentiation calculator, it will analyze the derivation problem. After checking the behavior of a function, the calculator chooses the differentiation rule like the product, quotient rule, etc give the exact solution.

Then it starts the repeated process of taking derivatives of a function successively four times. After some time calculator shows a simplified result with step.

Further, for a more comprehensive tool that can handle partial derivatives for multivariable functions, you may want to explore our multivariable derivative calculator. This calculator allows you to compute partial derivatives with respect to one or more variables of a multivariable function, offering versatility in calculus tasks involving functions of multiple variables.

Example of a Fourth Derivation

Let us discuss an example to see the process of evaluation in the fourth derivative calculator. An example solution of the fourth derivative problem is given below.


Let's determine the fourth derivative of e-2x. Assuming,

$$ y \;=\; e^{-2} $$

Differentiate both sides with respect to x, we will obtain,

$$ \frac{dy}{dx} \;=\; \frac{d}{dx} \biggr(e^{-2x} \biggr) $$

The derivative of an exponential function is itself an exponential function, so:

$$ \frac{dy}{dx} \;=\; -2e^{-2x} $$

The third derivative of e-2x is -2e-2x. So we will now differentiate e-2x four times.

$$ \frac{d}{dx} \biggr(\frac{dy}{dx} \biggr) \;=\; \frac{d}{dx} \biggr(-2e^{-2x} \biggr) $$

$$ \frac{d^2 y}{dx^2} \;=\; 4e^{-2x} $$

Similarly, the third derivative of e-2x will be:

$$ \frac{d^3 y}{dx^3} \;=\; -8e^{-2x} $$

Finally, differentiate the third derivative of e-2x, we will obtain the fourth derivative:

$$ \frac{d^4 y}{dx^4} \;=\; 16e^{-2x} $$

Thus it is the final solution of our function with specific limits. Further, if you want to find the nth derivative of this third derivative result, you can use our higher derivative calculator. You would apply the power rule iteratively for each derivative until you reach the nth derivative.

How to Use the Fourth Degree Derivative Calculator?

Our fourth derivative calculator is a simple interface that allows you to solve the fourth derivative function instantly if you follow our guidelines while using it.

The procedure to use the 4th derivative calculator follows:

Step 1:

Enter your function in the input box

Step 2:

Choose the particular variable from the list.

Step 3:

Review your input before hitting the calculate button.

Step 4:

Click the “Calculate” button to get the differential solution

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Result Obtained After Giving Fourth Derivative Function In Solver

You get a result in a few seconds after pressing the calculate button of the fourth derivative calculator. It also provides some extra steps to understand this derivation concept.

  • Result section will show you the solution for the fourth derivative function
  • Possible steps section give you a solution in detail
  • Plot section show the graph
  • Recalculate button refreshes the page for further calculations

For a deeper analysis of functions, consider using our inflection points calculator, which identifies inflection points where the concavity of a curve changes. This additional calculator enhances your understanding of the behavior of functions.

Benefits of the fourth differentiation calculator

This fourth degree derivative calculator offers numerous benefits for solving higher-order differentiation. Some advantages are given as

  • This 4th derivative calculator provides a user-friendly method in which beginners can easily operate it.
  • Our tool gives a step-by-step solution for more clarity in derivative concepts
  • It is a free online tool for calculations.
  • The calculator gives accuracy in its results.

Further, for additional mathematical tools and calculators, explore our collection of all calculators, offering a wide range of solutions for various mathematical problems.

Be Careful while Entering the Function on a Fourth Derivative Calculator

These errors should be checked while using our tool to get accurate or better results.

  • Your expression of the fourth derivative function that you would like to differentiate should be placed in the input field
  • Choose the correct variable for differentiation in the box.
  • Make sure the expression of your fourth-order derivation function structure is correct so that there is no red error shown in the input box.

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