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Introduction to Logarithmic Differentiation Calculator

The log differentiation calculator is a smart mathematical tool used to find derivative functions with log expressions. It calculates the natural logarithmic and exponential functions using all the formulas of the derivation.

logarithmic differentiation calculator

This log derivative calculator is a valuable tool for finding log problem derivatives whether you are a student, educator, or someone who wants to establish a strong hold on derivation. That is why we introduce an efficient logarithmic derivative calculator that enhances your learning of solving logarithmic functions.

This calculator offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive functionality, making it accessible to users of all levels, from students learning calculus to professionals requiring efficient solutions for complex differentiation problems.

Additionally, you may use the Logarithmic Differentiation Calculator for handling complex functions and applying advanced differentiation techniques, while the point differential calculator provides targeted solutions for evaluating derivatives at specific points of interest.

What Is Logarithmic Derivation?

The logarithmic derivation is a method used in calculus to give the solution of a derivative function that has the natural logarithm on both sides.

According to the rule of logarithmics, it converts multiplication into addition, division into subtraction, and exponent into multiplication.

Logarithmic differentiation is a technique used in calculus to differentiate functions that involve products, quotients, or powers, particularly when direct differentiation using traditional methods becomes cumbersome or impractical.

While logarithmic differentiation focuses on a technique for computing derivatives of functions with complex structures, the derivative of inverse functions calculator offers a specialized tool for computing derivatives of inverse functions.

Formula behind Log Differentiation Calculator

The formula used by the logarithmic differentiation calculator to solve the derivative of logarithmic functions is given below.

$$ \frac{d}{dx} \biggr[ ln(g(x)) \biggr] \;=\; \frac{g’(x)}{g(x)} $$


ln(g(x)) is the function of g(x) in log

g’(x)/g(x) is the result of logarithmic function derivation

This formula enables the calculator to efficiently determine the derivative of logarithmic functions by leveraging the properties of natural logarithms and differentiation techniques.

Further, for analyzing the slope of curves and determining their characteristics, you can use our slope of curve calculator. This calculator facilitates the computation of slopes at various points along the curve, aiding in the interpretation of functions and their behavior.

Let us see an example of logarithmic function derivation.

Example of Logarithmic Derivative Problem

We can find out the exact logarithmic differentiation by using the logarithmic differentiation calculator with steps but it is necessary to know the manual steps to solve it.


Find the derivative of the following:

$$ y \;=\; (2x^4 + 1)^{tanx} $$


To determine this derivative, use the logarithmic differentiation,

$$ ln\; y \;=\; ln(2x^4 + 1)^{tanx} $$

$$ ln\; y \;=\; tanx\; ln (2x^4 + 1) $$

$$ \frac{1}{y} \frac{dy}{dx} \;=\; \sec^2 x \; ln (2x^4 + 1) + \frac{8x^3}{2x^4 + 1} . tan x $$

$$ \frac{dy}{dx} \;=\; y.(sec^2 x \; ln (2x^4 + 1) + \frac{8x^3}{2x^4 + 1} . tanx $$

$$ \frac{dy}{dx} \;=\; (2x^4 + 1)^{tanx} \biggr(sec^2 x\; ln\; (2x^4 + 1) + \frac{8x^3}{2x^4 + 1} . tan x \biggr) $$

Thus it is the final solution of our function with specific limits. Additionally, for further analysis and computation of second implicit derivatives, you can utilize our implicit second derivative calculator. This tool provides a convenient way to compute the second derivative of implicitly defined functions, offering insights into the curvature and behavior of the curve.

How to Use the Logarithmic Differentiation Calculator:

The derivative of log calculator is an indispensable tool for calculating complex logarithm functions into the simplest form for derivation. Here are some steps that you could use for logarithmic derivation. These steps are:

  • Enter the log function you would like to differentiate in the input field of the log differentiation calculator.
  • Review your function to check for any errors.
  • Click on the ‘Calculate’ button to get the solution that is displayed on the screen.
  • Click on “steps” to get the solution in detail.
  • Click on ' graph' to get graphs of your given function along with its derivative.

Working of Log Derivative Calculator:

The logarithmic derivative calculator simplifies the process of finding derivatives of logarithmic functions. This calculator has advanced algorithms in its server as it can handle all the complex logarithmic derivation for calculations.

When you enter the input function in our derivative of log calculator, it applies the natural log lnf(x)=lng(x) as y=f(x) on both sides after checking the behavior of the function. Then it takes differentiation according to the problem type on both sides.

After taking the derivative, it rearranges the solution and multiplies y on both sides. Last, the log differentiation calculator substitutes the exact y value(given log function, y=f(x)) in the solution.

Moreover, for exploring the concept of derivatives and understand their fundamental definition, you should be use our definition of a derivative calculator. This calculator offers insights into the mathematical concept of derivatives and provides step-by-step solutions for enhanced understanding.

Result Obtained from Logarithmic Derivative Calculator

You will get the result of your given logarithmic function instantly after adding the input function. The logarithmic differentiation calculator with steps will give you some more options along with the solution. It may be included as:

  • Solution of the log function
  • Possible step-by-step solution
  • Plot section will show a graph according to your problem result.
  • Recalculate button will bring you back to the home page for more calculations of the logarithmic function.

Why Should you Choose Our Solver?

The log derivative calculator is a beneficial tool as it can manage all types of complicated log or antilog functions in derivation to provide you solution with an amazing experience. It will take away any trouble you will get while solving logarithmic function derivation by hand.

With that, you can increase your understanding of logarithmic differentiation graphs. Our logarithmic derivative calculator does not contain a single formula but uses the properties of logarithms to simplify the differentiation process to give precise results with explanations in steps.

Additionally, for visualizing functions and exploring their behavior graphically, you can utilize our derivative graphing calculator. This calculator enables users to plot the derivative graph of a function, providing insights into its rate of change and critical points.

Benefits of Logarithmic Differentiation Calculator with Steps

The derivative of log calculator will give you numerous benefits of simple or complex logarithmic differentiation functions to get solutions. Some advantages are:

  • This log differentiation calculator saves time from doing lengthy calculations as it gives you instantaneous results.
  • It provides you with a crisp solution with minimal or less error.
  • It is accessible to everyone through an Internet connection.
  • It is an educational resource, which helps students in learning logarithmic differentiation.
  • Our log derivative calculator is free of cost, without any premium package.
  • This tool provides accurate solutions with detailed steps.

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Common Mistakes while Using Derivative of Log Calculator

You should avoid some mistakes while adding input in the logarithmic differentiation calculator.

  • You ensure that the expression of your function does not contain f(x)= part but in ln(f(x)) form.
  • Check your function before hitting the calculate button
  • Your expression did not have any syntax error so there is no red error above the input field.

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